Padre Bay, Gunsight Bay, Labyrinth Canyon, Face Canyon

Padre Bay This area of Lake Powell contains many canyons and bays, all of which are visually spectacular and can contain both large and small campsites. The north side of the lake at this point abuts the high cliffs of Glen Canyon, which can limit the availability of larger campsites on the north shore.


At high water levels a narrow passage from Gunsight Bay to Padre Bay will exist in the northern part of the canyon.


At lower water levels navigation up lake becomes much different than at higher lake levels. It is important in this area, as will all areas of the lake, to follow the channel markers when going up lake Shallow waters and submerged obstacles present dangerous conditions to boaters.


A person can drive onto Alstrom Point which provides spectacular views of Gunsight and the surrounding area. More information is available on the Driving the Lake page.






Padre Bay


Low Elevation Photo


Padre Bay Low Elevation


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Padre Topo


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Wild Horse Mesa

Gunsight Butte

Face Canyon

Gregory Butte

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Gunsight Bay

At mile 19,this bay is named for Gunsight Butte (shown below).  The butte rises to an elevation of 4,678 feet above sea level, about 1000 feet above the Lake Powell.  There are many excellent campsites available. 


Gunsight Butte


Padre Bay:

Padre Bay (mile 19) is the largest expanse of open water on Lake Powell.  It has many inlets that afford excellent camping opportunities. It is named for Fathers Dominguez and Escalante who traversed the area in 1776. They found a ford on the Colorado River here at what is known as the "Crossing of the Fathers." Cookie Jar Butte, shown below, is a slender butte toward the back of Padre Bay.


Cookie Jar Butte

Labyrinth Canyon:

Labyrinth Canyon is found at mile 16. There are some campsites near the entrance. There may be a few good campsites further into the canyon, depending on the water level. There is a slot canyon at the end of Labyrinth Canyon.


Face Canyon:

Face Canyon lies 22 miles up lake from Glen Canyon Dam, just up lake of Dominguez Butte, a 4651 foot formation named after Father Dominguez, (shown below behind Padre (or Padres) Butte with Boundary and Tower Buttes in the background). Slit Arch is found at the end of this canyon. Good hikes can be taken from the end of several of the side canyons. There are some good, but usually small, campsites available depending on the lake level.


Dominguez Butte


Tower Butte:

Tower Butte, seen to the far right in the photo above, rises to 5282 feet above sea level.


Boundary Butte:

Boundary Butte, in the middle of the photo above, is named because it lies on the Arizona/Utah border. Boundary Butte's elevation is 4,497 feet above sea level.


West Canyon:


The third of three southerly canyons in this area. Labyrinth and Face are the others. More information is found on the West Canyon page.


Last Chance Bay:


A long bay with little camping. More information is found on the Last Chance Bay page.


Gregory Butte:


A 4651 foot butte at the entrance to Last Chance Bay.