Rock Creek Bay, Friendship Cove, Dungeon Canyon, Grotto Canyon, Cornerstone Canyon

Rock Creek Area Up lake from Last Chance Bay, Glen Canyon begins to narrow and steep cliffs are found on either side of the lake. This very scenic section of Lake Powell has limited camping sites, which are outlined below in the Map Information section.


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Last Chance Bay

West Canyon

Dangling Rope


Rock Creek Bay


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Rock Creek Topo Map


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Gregory Butte

Mazuki Point

Navajo Point

Cathedral Canyon

Map Information

Rock Creek Bay:


Rock Creek Bay, Mile 35, has three branches, Rock Creek proper, Middle Rock Creek, and Dry Rock Creek. Despite the amount of shoreline, there are limited campsites.


Friendship Cove:


Friendship Cove is 34 miles from Glen Canyon Dam. There is little or no camping in Friendship Cove, depending on the lake level.


Cornerstone Canyon:


Cornerstone Canyon is 40 miles up lake from Glen Canyon Dam. Little or no camp sites are available, depending on the lake level.

Dungeon Canyon:


Dungeon Canyon (Mile 37) offers good camping and some hiking up the end of the canyon.


Grotto Canyon:


Grotto Canyon, at Mile 38, has no camping or hiking due to the steep canyon.


Wetherill Canyon:


Wetherill Canyon is at Mile 38. There are many small campsites available in this canyon. More information is here.