Last Chance Bay

Last Chance Bay Last Chance Bay, at mile 26, is one of the longer bays on Lake Powell. There are several side canyons but relatively few good campsites given the size of the canyon. The canyon walls are steep in this area, scenic but limiting onshore activities. Hikes to (and from) Warm Creek Road can be taken from the end of the canyon.


Last Cahnce Bay


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Last Cahnce Topo


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Gunsight Butte

Gregory Butte

Sit Down Bench

Mazuki Point

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Gregory Butte:


Gregory Butte, seen to the right, is at the mouth of Last Chance Bay. It is named after Herbert Ernest Gregory (1869-1952) who was a Yale geologist who studied the geology of the Colorado Plateau from 1907 until 1951. The butte reaches an elevation of 4651 feet butte.


Powell Canyon:


There may be some small campsites available in this side canyon depending upon the lake level.


Randy's Canyon:


Like Powell Canyon, there may be some campsites in this side canyon, as always, depending on lake level.


Gregory Butte