West Canyon

West Canyon West Canyon, at mile 31, is a long canyon with some small campsites and a few larger ones. It has excellent hiking up the end of the canyon. At lower lake levels the entry to the canyon is north of Gregory Butte.


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Last Chance Bay

Padre Bay

Rock Creek Bay



West Canyon


West Canyon Low Lake Level


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West Canyon Topo


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Gregory Butte

Face Canyon

Map Information

Gregory Butte:


A 4651 foot butte at the entrance to Last Chance Bay. More information is here.


Hall Canyon:


A small canyon at Mile 32 that may offer camping opportunities at some lake levels.


Face Canyon:


Face Canyon lies 22 miles up lake from Glen Canyon Dam, just up lake of Dominguez Butte. More information is here.


Wetherill Canyon:


Wetherill Canyon is at Mile 38. There are many small campsites available in this canyon. More information is here.


Dungeon Canyon:


Dungeon Canyon (mile 37) offers good camping and some hiking up the end of the canyon. More information is here.