Dangling Rope, Wetherill, Balanced Rock, Little Arch, Driftwood, and Mountain Sheep Canyons

Dangling Rope Area Many boaters enjoy this section of the lake because of the unsurpassed beauty, relatively low traffic and the nearness of Dangling Rope Marina. Glen Canyon closes in and one definitely gets the feeling of being in a canyon. There are some beautiful campsites and hiking opportunities in this area.


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Rock Creek Bay

West Canyon

Rainbow Bridge


Dangling Rope Map


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Dangling Rope Topo Map


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Cathedral Canyon

Navajo Point


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Wetherill Canyon:


Wetherill Canyon is at mile 38. There are many small campsites available in this canyon. A slot canyon can be found at the end. Keyhole Natural Arch is found a short distance up the end of this canyon. Wetherill Canyon is named after John Wetherill, one of the first white men to see Rainbow Bridge.


Grotto Canyon:


Grotto Canyon, at Mile 38, has no camping or hiking due to the steep canyon.


Cornerstone Canyon:


Cornerstone Canyon is 40 miles up lake from Glen Canyon Dam. Little or no camp sites are available, depending on the lake level.


Dangling Rope Canyon:


Dangling Rope Canyon is at mile 41. There are a few campsites in this busy side canyon. Dangling Rope Marina, shown below, is located here. The name "Dangling Rope" comes from a rope that was found hanging down the canyon wall before Glen Canyon Dam was built.


Dangling Rope Marina


Mountain Sheep Canyon:


Mountain Sheep Canyon is 43 miles from Glen Canyon Dam. There is some camping up Mountain Sheep Canyon but the canyon is much better known for its' tight boating passages.

Balanced Rock Canyon:


Balanced Rock Canyon, at mile 44, has some good campsites, depending on the lake level. The name came from rocks down at river level before Glen Canyon Dam.


Little Arch Canyon:


Little Arch Canyon, also at mile 44, is of little note except the presence of Carrot Top Arch, pictured below. There is no camping in Little Arch Canyon.


Carrot Top Arch


Klondike Cove:


Klondike Cove, found 45 miles from Glen Canyon Dam, is a small cove that may offer a campsite or two, depending on lake levels. It is named after a gravel bar that was found in the Colorado River.


Driftwood Canyon:


Driftwood Canyon is just across the channel from Cathedral Canyon at Mile 46. It has no campsites but you can find miner's stairs (steps cut into the sandstone) near the mouth of this canyon. There were used in the days where miners would go down to Klondike Bar on the Colorado River in search of gold.