Wahweap Bay

Wahweap Bay Wahweap Bay (Wahweap is a Paiute word meaning "bitter water") is the first bay of Lake Powell. Not only because it is closest to Glen Canyon Dam but because of the popularity of its' facilities and its' proximity to Page, Arizona. Wahweap Bay offers many opportunities for Lake Powell explorers either with or without a boat. Because of this, Wahweap tends to be the most crowded of the Lake Powell bays.


Wahweap Bay is the busiest bay on the lake. Not only is Wahweap Marina located here but much of the western and southern shore is accessible by automobile, with just a short walk to the lake. Glen Canyon Dam is nearby and Lone Rock Beach offers those without a boat camping opportunities on the lake shore. You could also drive to the other side of the bay and hike in one of the canyons. Thus Wahweap Bay is the most accessible, and most accessed, on the lake.


Several hikes exist in this area. There are many good campsites in Wahweap Bay. Due to the popularity of the bay it may still be difficult to find a secluded site during busy times. Many larger groups like Wahweap Bay and other bays close to Wahweap Marina to easily shuttle people back and forth who have to come late or leave early.


The channel between Antelope Island and Castle Rock is known as Castle Rock Pass or Cut. When the lake drops to about 3612 feet this pass ceases to be passable and boaters must go through the Colorado River channel to go up lake. Below are photos of Castle Rock Pass at about 3580 feet, 3620 feet and 3650 feet in lake elevation.


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Warm Creek

Antelope Canyon

Lees Ferry




3580 feet3620 Feet3650 Feet

Wahweap Bay


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Wahweap Topo


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Lone Rock

Warm Creek Bay

Page, AZ

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      Wiregrass Canyon:


      Camping is limited in Wiregrass Canyon. Two natural bridges are found in Wiregrass Canyon. One is close to the high water mark and the other is approximately a mile and a half hike up the canyon.


      Lone Rock:


      Lone Rock is a butte that rises from Wahweap Bay. The elevation at the top is 4,034 feet, over 300 feet above the lake level at full pool. Lone Rock rises near vertical and therefore there are no camping opportunities on Lone Rock.


      Lone Rock Canyon:


      Lone Rock Canyon has some good campsites. Because of its' proximity to Lone Rock Beach across the bay it is also popular for personal watercraft. This means that if one is looking for solitude, Lone Rock Canyon is usually not a good choice.


      Lone Rock Beach:


      This beach is extremely popular due to the large sandy beaches. It can be accessed via U.S. Highway 89 north of Page, Arizona.


      Wahweap Window:


      Wahweap Window, shown below, is a natural arch located in Wahweap Bay. It is found between Ice Cream Canyon and Castle Rock across the bay from Stateline Launch Ramp.


      Wahweap Window

      Ice Cream Canyon:


      There are some campsites up Ice Cream Canyon. At lower lake levels the lake will not enter the canyon.




      Stateline is part of the Wahweap Marina complex. There is a launch ramp here and ARAMARK Boat Rentals are based here.


      The Coves:


      A small swimming area accessible by automobile is located just north of Stateline.


      The marina area has a full service marina, launch ramp, and resort. Several boat tours are run out of the marina.


      Castle Rock:


      Castle Rock rises to 4,321 feet above sea level, over 600 feet above the lake. At high water the lake surrounds Castle Rock. Boaters should use care when trying to go around Castle Rock due to shallow water. There are several good campsites around Castle Rock.


      Castle Rock


      Antelope Island:


      There are extensive beaches on Antelope Island. It is accessible from Wahweap Bay, Warm Creek Bay, and the Colorado River channel.