Lees Ferry

Lees Ferry This is the only section of Glen Canyon left that is not inundated with the waters of Lake Powell. It can be boated up to a point near Glen Canyon Dam. Camping is only allowed in specified areas. Since this is a canyon environment there are certain camping regulations that need to be adhered to. It is considered to be an excellent trout fishery.


A scenic viewpoint exists that gives an opportunity to view and photograph Glen Canyon Dam and part of Glen Canyon. It is accessed off of U.S. Highway 89 by going west at the northern Page exit.


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Page, AZ

White Dome

Ferry Swale

Lees Ferry


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Ferry Swale:


Ferry Swale is a cut-off meander hanging well above the canyon wall. The satellite photo shows this better than you can see it from most places.


Horseshoe Bend:


Horseshoe Bend is accessible off of U.S. Highway 89 just south of Page, Arizona. A scenic view can be accessed for some photographs to impress your friends.


Horseshoe Bend


Waterholes Canyon:


Waterholes Canyon is a slot canyon that can be hiked from U.S. Highway 89. You need a permit from the Navajo Indian Tribe to hike in this canyon and guides are available.



Lees Ferry:


Lees Ferry is accessible off of U.S. 89A (Not U.S. 89). The turnoff is just west of Navajo Bridge that crosses the Colorado River. The Paria River enters the Colorado River at Lee's Ferry. There is a campground at Lees Ferry. You can also camp upstream from Lees Ferry at designated spots accessible by boat.


Lees Ferry is the starting point for boaters going up the fifteen miles of Glen Canyon to Glen Canyon Dam. It is also the starting point for rafters going down river through the Grand Canyon. There is a launch ramp used for these purposes there. Daily float trips from Glen Canyon Dam to Lees Ferry are offered.


Boaters going upstream are cautioned not to cross the cable downstream from the launch ramp. A small rapid, the Paria Riffle, exists and if your boat goes beyond this point the next take out is at Lake Mead, several hundred miles and rapids downstream. The old pioneer ranch here can be visited.


Lee's Ferry