Piute, Alcove, San Juan and Nokai Canyons; Neskahi Wash; Zahn Bay

Middle San Juan The San Juan Arm continues to wind its way up the lake. The Great Bend is the predominate feature of this section of the lake. Boaters will traverse nine miles to cover less than one air mile. There are many good camping and hiking opportunities in this less travelled section of the lake.


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Lower San Juan

Upper San Juan

The Rincon


Middle San Juan Map


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Middle San Juan topo Map


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No Mans Mesa North

Deep Canyon North

Alcove Canyon

Nokai Dome


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Deep Canyon:


Deep Canyon (San Juan Mile 16) offers no campsites but is worth a visit. Beverly Natural Arch (85 feet wide, 130 feet long) can be seen to the west.


Piute Canyon:


Piute Canyon is 19 miles up the San Juan Arm. It has some campsites but one needs to be aware of the danger of landslides in this area. There is good hiking up this canyon with petroglyphs and petrified wood to be found.


Neskahi Wash:


Neskahi Wash, 22 miles up the San Juan Arm, has some good campsites. There is also petrified wood in the area.


Great Bend:


The Great Bend of the San Juan is a 9 mile bend 26 miles up the San Juan River Arm. At the tip of the bend you are only about two miles from Iceberg Canyon that is located off of the main channel of Lake Powell.



Alcove Canyon:


Alcove Canyon is in the Great Band and offers no camping but there are some hiking opportunities.


San Juan Canyon:


Also in the Great Bend, San Juan Canyon offers no camping but there is some hiking up this canyon.


Zahn Bay:


Zahn Bay is 39 miles up the San Juan Arm. it was named after the Zahn brothers who mined in the area in the early 1900's. It has some good campsites.


Nokai Canyon:


Nokai Canyon (Mile 42 of the San Juan Arm) has many good campsites