Nasja. Cha, Trail, Wilson Creek, Desha and Deep Canyons

Lower San Juan Arm The San Juan River Arm enters the main channel of Lake Powell at Mile 57 with a series of gooseneck bends. It is advisable to make sure you have enough fuel before going up the San Juan Arm since there are no marinas in this part of Lake Powell. There are a couple of arches near the entrance of the San Juan Arm.


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Reflection Canyon

Middle San Juan


Lower San Juan Map


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Lower San Juan Topo Map


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Nasja Mesa

Wilson Creek

Deep Canyon North


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Nasja Canyon:


Nasja Canyon is five miles up the San Juan Arm. There is no camping up Nasja Canyon. Nasja Canyon was named for Nasja Begay, one of the guides for the first expedition of white men to Rainbow Bridge in 1909. Bald Rock Canyon splits off Nasja Canyon near the end. There are some archeological sites to be found if you hike up the end of this canyon.


Cha Canyon:


Cha Canyon has few campsites. There are petroglyphs found hiking up this canyon.


Wilson Creek Canyon:


Wilson Creek Canyon, 13 miles up the San Juan, offer some campsites. The canyon can be hiked up to Wilson Mesa and the Mormon trail from Cottonwood Canyon.

Trail Canyon:


Trail Canyon (13 miles up the San Juan Arm) was named for an old trail that led to the San Juan River. The trail has been a victim of landslides. There are no campsites in Trail Canyon.


Desha Canyon:


Desha Canyon is 14 miles up the San Juan. It has no campsites but does offer a nice hike up canyon.


Deep Canyon:


Deep Canyon (San Juan Mile 16) offers no campsites but is worth a visit. Beverly Natural Arch (85 feet wide, 130 feet long) can be seen to the west.