Good Hope Bay; Ticaboo, Red, Blue Notch, Scorup, Fourmile, Twomile, White and Farley Canyons

Good Hope Bay The Good Hope Bay area of Lake Powell contains some beautiful scenery and many good campsites. There are a few hikes that can be taken. Some of this area is accessible from Utah Highway 95. Remember that Hite no longer offers marina services so double check your fuel supplies when travelling to this section of Lake Powell.


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Knowles Canyon


Good Hope Bay Map


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Good hope Bay Topo Map


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Ticaboo Mesa

Good Hope Bay

Hite South

Mount Holmes


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Ticaboo Canyon:


Ticaboo Canyon is 122 miles from Glen Canyon Dam. There was a large landslide here in the 1980's. There are many good campsites in this canyon.


Red Canyon:


Red Canyon is at Mile 125. It has many good campsites available. Red Canyon has been the site of much human activity since 1883. See the History page for more details.


Blue Notch Canyon:


There are some campsites in Blue Notch Canyon. Petrified wood can be found in this area, but remember it is illegal to take anything from Glen Canyon National Recreation Area. Just to the north sits Castle Butte (not to be confused with Castle Rock) at an elevation of 4527 feet.


Scorup Canyon:


Scorup Canyon (Mile 128) is a short canyon with no campsites. It was named after a pioneer cattle rancher from the area.


Fourmile Canyon:


Fourmile Canyon is 132 miles up lake from Glen Canyon Dam. It has several good campsites.


Twomile Canyon:


Twomile Canyon, at Mile 134, has no campsites. There is the danger of rockfalls in this area.

Trachyte Canyon:


Trachyte Canyon is at Mile 135. Cass Hite founded the first settlement in Glen Canyon here in 1883 at a place called "Dandy Crossing". Twomile and Fourmile Canyons were named for their distance from this crossing. There is very little camping but the canyon can be hiked. Trachyte is a type of volcanic rock.


White Canyon:


White Canyon (Mile 135) has limited camping. It is accessible by road. See the Driving the Lake page for more details.


Farley Canyon:


Farley Canyon, also at Mile 135, has good campsites. It is also accessible by road. See the Driving the Lake page for more details.


Farley Canyon