Hite; North Wash; Dirty Devil River; Mille Crag Bend; Narrow, Rock, Sheep, Cataract, Dark and Cove Canyons


There is no longer any marina services at Hite.


The Hite area is the last of the open bay areas of Lake Powell. At lower water levels this disappears completely. Up lake from here canyon walls close in as you go further upstream. As this is the farthest reach of Lake Powell it is accessible only at higher water levels. Boaters need to be aware of siltation and floating debris. Once the canyon closes in campsites are limited and many river rafters coming from upstream will need these campsites.


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Good Hope Bay


Hite Area Map


Hite at Low Lake Levels


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Hite Area Topo Map


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Hite South

Copper Point

Indian Head Pass

Bowdie Canyon West

Sewing Machine

Hite North


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There are many small coves around the Hite area, some of which may offer camping opportunities at various lake levels.


North Wash:


North Wash is 139 miles from Glen Canyon Dam. It contains some good campsites. There are also some natural arches in the area.


Dirty Devil River:


The Dirty Devil River Canyon enters the main channel Lake Powell at mile 141. This canyon can be traversed for approximately 10 miles by boat at high water. There are some campsites near the mouth of this canyon. The Dirty Devil was named by John Wesley Powell because of the sediment in the river. Later, to balance things, he named a clear creek in the Grand Canyon the "Bright Angel."


Narrow Canyon:


Narrow Canyon extends from the Dirty Devil River to Sheep Canyon. There is little or no camping upstream from here.


Rock Canyon:


Rock Canyon is at Mile 143. There are few or no campsites in this small canyon but does offer some hiking opportunities.


Sheep Canyon:


Sheep Canyon is 148 miles up lake from Glen Canyon Dam. There may be some campsites, depending on the lake level. The canyon allows some hiking


Dark Canyon:


Dark Canyon is at Mile 154. There is usually no camping but the canyon may be hiked. .


Hite Bridge:


Utah Highway 95 crosses Narrow Canyon. It is the only bridge to cross Lake Powell.


Hite Bridge


Cove Canyon:


Cove Canyon (Mile 157) has no campsites.


Cataract Canyon:


Cataract Canyon starts at the confluence of the Green and Colorado Rivers and traverses over 70 miles, ending at the Dirty Devil River. Below the Dirty Devil is Glen Canyon, which runs all the way to Lees Ferry..