Knowles, Cedar, Warm Spring and Sevenmile Canyons

Knowles Canyon There is not much camping in this area, except for Knowles Canyon. Boaters wishing to camp would generally be better off going further north to Good Hope Bay or south toward Forgotten Canyon and Bullfrog Bay. There are some hikes in this area.


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Good Hope Bay


Knowles Canyon Map


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Knowles Canyon Topo Map


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Knowles Canyon

Ticaboo Mesa


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Forgotten Canyon:


Forgotten Canyon, at mile 106, has some good campsites and some good hiking at the end of the canyon. More information is on the Bullfrog page.


Smith Fork Canyon:


Smith Fork Canyon is at Mile 106. Another steep walled canyon, it offers no campsites.


Knowles Canyon:


Knowles Canyon is at Mile 109. There is an arch near the mouth high on the north wall. You should get close to the wall to get a good view of this arch. There are some good campsites in Knowles Canyon.

Cedar Canyon:


Cedar Canyon, 110 miles from Glen Canyon Dam, offers some hiking but few good campsites.


Warm Spring Canyon:


Warm Spring Canyon is across the channel from Cedar Canyon. There is no camping but after a rainfall there is a nice waterfall at the end.


Sevenmile Canyon:


Sevenmile Canyon is worth exploring but offers few, if any, campsites. There is a good hike at the end of the canyon.