Cathedral, Cascade, Forbidding. Secret, Twilight, Oak and Anasazi Canyons; Oak Bay

Rainbow Bridge Area Many people visit this area of the lake because of Rainbow Bridge. This National Monument hosts both tours run from Wahweap and Bullfrog Marinas as well as private boaters. There are many beautiful side canyons in this area, some of them unnamed. Camping sites are at a premium in this area, with most being found in Oak Bay.


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Dangling Rope

Reflection Canyon

Rainbow Bridge Map


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Rainbow Bridge Topo Map


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Cathedral Canyon

Navajo Point

Rainbow Bridge

Nasja Mesa


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Driftwood Canyon:


Driftwood Canyon is just across the channel from Cathedral Canyon at Mile 46. It has no campsites but you can find miner's stairs (steps cut into the sandstone) near the mouth of this canyon. There were used in the days where miners would go down to Klondike Bar on the Colorado River in search of gold.


Cathedral Canyon:


Cathedral Canyon (Mile 46) is interesting to visit but contains no campsites.


Cascade Canyon:


Cascade Canyon, at Mile 47, has no campsites but is well worth a visit.


Forbidding Canyon:


Forbidding Canyon, 49 miles up lake from Glen Canyon Dam, has few or no campsites but does have Rainbow Bridge.


Twilight Canyon:


Twilight Canyon is at Mile 51. It offers no camping. There is an arch by the entrance and a short hike at the end.


Secret Canyon:


Secret Canyon, also at Mile 51, is a narrow canyon with no camping. It narrows so much that at times a boater cannot see the sky.


Oak Bay and Canyon:


Oak Canyon and Bay (Mile 51) offers something for everyone. Oak Bay has many good campsites, but Oak Canyon has none. Oak Canyon can be hiked at the end but the canyon tends to be brush filled.

Rainbow Bridge:


Rainbow Bridge, shown below, is part of Rainbow Bridge National Monument. It is the largest natural bridge in the world at 275 feet wide and 290 feet high. There is no camping in Rainbow Bridge National Monument. Rainbow Bridge is accessible by boat and by a strenuous hike from Navajo Mountain.


Rainbow Bridge


Anasazi Canyon:


Anasazi Canyon is 52 miles up lake from Glen Canyon Dam. This canyon is long and winding but offers no campsites. It is named for the ancient Native Americans that once inhabited the region.