Bullfrog and Halls Creek Bays; Lake, Lost Eden, Moqui, Hansen Creek, Crystal Spring, Forgotten and Smith Canyons

Bulfrog This area is popular due to the closeness of Bullfrog and Halls Crossing Marinas. There are several places in this area that you can drive to and camp. See the Driving the Lake page for more details. There is a ferry that travels from Bullfog Marina to Halls Crossing Marina.


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The Rincon

Knowles Canyon


Bullfrog Map


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The Rincon NE

Halls Crossing

Halls Crossing NE

Knowles Canyon


Hall Mesa



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Lake Canyon:


At Mile 88 Lake Canyon has little or no camping. A five mile hike takes you Lake Pagahrit, which ceased to exist in 1915 when the natural dam forming the lake failed. There are some ruins and petroglyphs visible, depending on water levels.


Lost Eden Canyon:


Lost Eden Canyon is at Mile 92. It has no camping but its short course is worth exploring.


Halls Creek Bay:


Halls Creek Bay, 93 miles above Glen Canyon Dam, has many small side canyons entering the Waterpocket Fold. The entrance to Halls Creek Bay is misleading as it is one of the few canyons that will get wider after you go through the mouth. There are many good campsites. When the lake level is about 3670 feet a shortcut to Bullfrog Bay appears. This bay, and many other places in the area are named after Charles Hall, an early pioneer in Southern Utah who ran a ferry at the site.


Halls Crossing Marina:


Halls Crossing Marina is a full service marina. See the marinas page for information on services offered.


Bullfrog Bay:


Bullfrog Bay in one of the busiest bays on Lake Powell. This is because of the two marinas located in this area. There are many good campsites available but seclusion may be difficult due to the bay's popularity. There is a campground at Stanton Canyon.


Bullfrog Marina:


Bullfog Marina is the second largest marina, after Wahweap, on Lake Powell. See the marinas page for information on services offered.


Moqui Canyon:


Moqui Canyon is sometimes spelled as Moki Canyon. Regardless of the spelling, Moqui Canyon is a spectacular place to visit. This canyon is just north of Bullfrog Bay, at Mile 99. There are a limited number of good campsites in this canyon. The two canyons at the end can be hiked for several miles.


Hansen Creek Canyon:


Hansen Creek Canyon is 104 miles up lake from Glen Canyon Dam. It has many good campsites. The canyon can be hiked to and from Utah Route 276.


Crystal Spring Canyon:


At Mile 104, Crystal Spring Canyon is located across from Hansen Creek Canyon. It is a steep walled canyon with no campsites.


Smith Fork Canyon:


Smith Fork Canyon is at Mile 106. Another steep walled canyon, it offers no campsites.


Forgotten Canyon:


Forgotten Canyon, at Mile 106, is best known for Defiance House, a restored Anasazi ruin that is shown below. This ruin can be accessed by a trail from the water and is easily visible from the water. There are some good campsites in Forgotten Canyon and some good hiking at the end of the canyon.


Defiance House Ruin